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In the heart of the Swiss Alps

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Locals have each their own words to describe Verbier, but all agree, Verbier is a paradise.

Verbier has outstanding surroundings. You will not find any traffic jam, but an incredible balance between outdoor activities and work.

Our region, Verbier — Val de Bagnes, offers all the infrastructures you need to make your startup successful. Moreover, our region is ideal to test and launch mountain-related products.

Widely renowned as an international ski resort, Verbier is also considered as a crossroads for entrepreneurs and business angels that live on wild adventures.

Quelques idées d'activité

In Winter, ski lovers and freeriders cannot wait to ski down the beautiful white faces of Mont-Fort and Mont-Gelé — 3000-meter high peaks — nor the untouched Arbi valley and the Gentianes' famous moguls. In total, there are over 450 kilometers of slopes and marvelous summits to explore around Verbier.

In Summer, hikers admire astonishing landscapes, world-renowned "four-thousanders", Alpine trails and unforgetable nights in cabans. Climbers love Pierre d'Avoi — a popular rock that just out over the Rhône valley — or much challenging climbing routes above Mauvoisin dam. Mountain bikers, whether they prefer enduro, e-bike or downhill, never get bored in Verbier, that has one of the greatest bikepark and network of biking routes in the Alps.

Verbier is getting dynamic all year-round, hosting a wide range of sport, music and artistic events — some internationnaly renowned. Of course, you will also find numerous restaurants, cafes and bars in Verbier, as well as prestigious stores and popular nightclubs, such as Le Farinet.